hplip fax not working

I’ve set up hplip and added a “fax” device. However, when I go into open office and try to fax something, it says it’s doing it, then pops up a window saying “step 3 of 5” asking me to add files to the fax (there are no others to add) and only the “cancel” button is clickable. Then in HP Device Manager, it shows the fax as having a job but it never does anything.

I have a similar situation when printing.
Try following:
on the lower right of your screen (if you have KDE configured the way I have) is an “hp” icon.
Click it,
select the fax in the left column,
go to “printer control”,
check if the device accepts new jobs and check if the button on the left shows “start” or “stop”…

I do not know if it helps…
but it may be worth a try…

no that’s not the issue. It accepts jobs but somehow “printing” to a fax never creates or adds a file to fax. The printer says it has a job but never does anything with it.

You never said if you have a printer installed and working with hplip. If not, did you give yourself a cups password yet? That was usually my problem when a print job failed to execute.

Also, when asked to add files to the fax, did you try adding the original file? Might be worth a try. hplip may think the fax job is “empty.”

Yep, I have a printer working. When I go into HP Device Manager, it lists the printer and shows the available jobs. When I print to it, it prints perfectly.

Out of curiosity, how do i give myself a cups password?

(give root password)
lppasswd -a 6tr6tr
(make up a password and enter it here)

well, I do not need any password. but sometimes when I want to print I have the same issues because the printer messes up with the settings.
There is a paper type A4 somewhere in the hp tool and 5x4 inch in the software… then there is one print quality in one and another in the other menu again… before everything is not aligned, well, it just makes trouble…
Maybe there is something similar to be aligned with the fax?