hplip blocked in Yast

I recently bought the HP Officejet 8500 all-in-one. I was at that moment using OpneSUSE 11.1 on a HP Pavilion laptop. As this printer was too recent for the version of hplip in the 11.1 repositories, I downloaded the source, compiled and installed it. Last week I upgraded to 11.3, and now the repositories have an even more recent version than what I installed. But in Yast the hplip package is marked as ‘never install’. Why is this and how do I remove this blocking? How can I install a hplip package compatible with 11.3?

I suppose that came from a upgrade operation that solved a conflict by locking hplip. You can check all locks via

zypper locks

and remove them via

zypper rl $name_of_package

Thanks, this solved the problem!