HPDV7 Laptop Sound update - successful

The upgrade to 11.1, kernel broke my sound setup on this machine.

Following OldCPUs update instructions, I downloaded the latest alsa and related rpms and am now back in business.

For those still setting up, here are the results of /usr/bin/alsa-info:

Two items of interest

  1. When first brought this laptop up on 11.1 with, I had to make a “model” entry in /etc/modprobe.d/sound. Not this time.
  2. As a test, I booted this laptop with LiveCD 11.2 RC8. Sound worked right out of the (virtual)box! I still think oldcpu is optimistic to think he is out of a job.

Interesting news. Thanks for the post. Glad to read sound worked.

I hope you are right that there will still be ways for me to contribute. :slight_smile: