HP6958 works with KDE

Is the HP6958 inkjet printer fully supported in opensuse 42.3 linux, including scanner and fax?

I found some information, but nothing that confirms it. Need help.

The closest model mentioned in the HPLIP supported printer page is the ‘HP OfficeJet 6950 All-in-one’. Both models utilise the same printing languages: HP PCL 3 GUI, HP PCL 3 Enhanced. Choosing a similar HPLIP model manually has a good chance of working, and the fact that PCL is supported means that even basic printing support should be possible using the foomatic generic PCL3 driver if desired.

what support for cannon printers, epson, brother? This has for printer that will need long term linux support.

If it has post-script, it will be better supported long term?

That’s a very broad question to be asking. Support exists for most recent models with all the brands you mention. The vendors often provide proprietary drivers that you can download from their websites. For example

Epson Linux drivers…

Brother Linux drivers…
I generally prefer Brother for printer/scanner support.

You can check specific models for open source drivers via openprinting .org

If it has post-script, it will be better supported long term?

Postscript-capable printers are always a good option. Be aware that the scanner function support on some enterprise/business machines might be lacking though.


Thanks. How do find out if a printer supports post-script?

Read the specifications provided by the manufacturer - in particular ‘print languages’ (or similar). They’re usually published online. That’s how I determined what the ‘HP OfficeJet 6950 All-in-one’ model supported. :wink: