HP ZE4800 Extra Buttons

I’ve got the laptop as in the title, product number is PF175UA. I’m using openSUSE 11 with all updates, and I’ve tried keytouch and keytouch-editor to configure these darned extra buttons, but they aren’t even recognized:

  • One-Touch buttons: TV, lock, and help
  • Wireless Button
  • Mute Button on the side

But some do work (some right next to the non-working ones!!):

  • One-Touch buttons: Mail and Homepage
  • Volume up and down buttons (right next to non-working mute)
  • Touchpad on/off button

and all the function buttons (display change, brightness up/down, capslock, numlock, scroll lock, etc…) work. What is going on?

Similar problem here in HP dv6000 series laptop. Two leftmost QuicPlay buttons arent recognized, even xev don’t show nothing at all when these buttons are pressed. In 11.0 these buttons also didn’t work but worked in 10.3. Other quick buttons work, but need to be mapped.