HP TX 2001 AU Tablet support

Help required in enabling tablet pc…
plz assist…

I recall reading that openSUSE-11.0 has superior tablet support (in YaST) to other SuSE versions.

Reference setting up your tablet, I can’t help. But I can refer you to this URL:
TabletPCs - openSUSE
Please note that page is for all tablet devices, and NOT just tablet PCs.

Please also note the author of that URL is user Dkukawa:
User : Dkukawka - openSUSE

And most important, please note his offer at the end of his user page:

I wrote my diploma thesis about Tablet PCs and Linux. Now I work on better support of Tablet PCs and integrate the results of my thesis in SUSE Linux.

At last I added for SUSE 10.1/SLES 10/SLED 10 I added more support for Tablet PCs in HAL. This include better detection and an addon to set the serial port for the Wacom Tablet automatically.

At the moment I work on some SAX2 rules for a generic setup for Tablet PCs with a Wacom device.

The first place to start with Tablet PCs should be the page about TabletPCs in the wiki.

If you need some help to get you Tablet PC running feel free to ask me.

Further to my reply above, please note the approach that an Ubuntu user used in an HP TX 2000 PC. Its likely a lot of that is applicable to openSUSE, albeit it may be necessary to apply an openSUSE “twist” to it:
HOWTO: HP Pavilion tx2000 series running Ubuntu 8.04

Thanks, looking forward to apply the solutions.