hp-setup wont setup my HP Officejet

I found this info here: HP Linux Imaging and Printing

Configure your printer using hp-setup

Note: Using hp-setup is the easiest way to configure your printer. However you may be able to configure your printer using one of the methods below (depending on your distro and/or configuration).

To continue using hp-setup–read below.
Note*: You will need to be root to configure your printer.

or if sudo:
sudo hp-setup

The first step is to select the printer connection type:

I think it is just understood you need to be root to get all of hp-setup to work. Because of the differences between distributions, they do have a solution beyond the manual one as show above. It is not mentioned in the documentation included with hplip however.


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OK, here is a bash script you can run that will create a HP-SETUP icon for you on your desktop and in your Applications menu. Just copy the the following line into a terminal session and press enter:

rm ~/bin/hp-icon ; wget -nc http://paste.opensuse.org/view/download/9430700 -O ~/bin/hp-icon ; chmod +x ~/bin/hp-icon

Once complete, just type in hp-icon and the rest will be done for you. You should then find HP-SETUP applications icons ready to run and to ask for the root user password.

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@jdmcdaniel3 Thank you for your help. I solved this from the first time I replied to this thread, my point posting in here is that the graphic menu for hp-toolbox should be modified by default in the distro to ask the root’s password.
I don’t think average users should read the documentation for the HPLIP package to know there is an error in the menu for hp-toolbox and they should launch the program from command line to ask for root passwords or modifying the menu.

When I say it sounds easy to modify the launcher for advanced users I am including myself in there, the problem is that not everybody is going to debug this issue.

One could make a request to openFATE perhaps: https://features.opensuse.org/, post a link here for us to vote it up and you can refer to my terminal command that can create what we want. I am not sure if it can be added to openSUSE or needs to be added to hplip. Like many such things, I create my own fix and carry on, but you are very welcome to take the suggestion further and I will give you an up or yes vote should you decide to do so. Good luck in your quest.

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Thank you jdmcdaniel3, you pointed me to what i have been looking for.
I will post the link in here