HP Scanner 5470C

Since I have upgraded to openSuse 13.1, I have not been able to detect my HP Scanner 5470C.
I have all the required software installed (I think). Has any one come across that problem before.
Thank-you in advance.

Can you try configuring manually (rather than via YaST)? This model is supported by the SANE ‘hp5400’ backend. You’ll need to edit /etc/sane.d/dll.conf (as root), and make sure that the ‘hp5400’ entry is uncommented like this


If you haven’t done so already, make sure your user is a member of the 'lp’group (required for local scanning). You can use YaST >> Security and Users >> User and Group Management for this.

Connect your scanner, and try to run one of the scanning applications. FWIW, the hp4200 scanner I sometimes use at work does not play nicely with ‘xsane’ or ‘skanlite’, and so I have to use the ‘simple’scan’ utility. You may want to install that, and give it a try.

If you still don’t get your scanner detected, I note that /etc/sane.d/hp5400.conf file mentions

# Uncomment the following line if autodetection fails

so that might be worth trying too.

I deano,

You did it again, thank-you very much. What seems to have cleared the problem is my uncommenting in the “/etc/sane.d/hp5400.conf” file. This after doing all the previous items you suggested.
I am not 100% sure the last thing did it, but after trying after each step that was the only one that allowed me to detect the scanner and use it again, that is with Skanlite.

Once more Thank-you

Good to know you have it working now! :slight_smile: