HP Proliant DL160 drivers with Suse 10.2


I am a newbie in Linux - just in case you wonder about my stupid questions.

I have to install Suse 10.2 64bit on a HP Proliant DL 160 G5. The choice to take 10.2 and not 11 is not up to me.

I installed Suse and ran into two problems I was not able to solve until now.

First Problem:
With the onboard RAID controller I created a RAID 1 array. But in the installation process (where you can define the partitions of the discs), I did not see the RAID-drive but the two disks, that are in the RAID-Array.
→ Is it normal, that I can see the drives that are in a RAID array?
→ If yes, will it work properly if I only use the first disk of the array?

Second Problem:
After installing Suse, I was not able to get the Network going. I cannot define the NIC, so that I will receive the IP from the DHCP server or ping the machine.
→ What driver do I have to use for the HP Proliant server?

General Question about drivers:
With the server I got a CD with diagnostic software an drivers. But the Linux drivers on the CD are only for Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 (with and without SP1). On the website from HP I could not find other information regarding openSuse.
And I think, that my problems are directly related with wrong or missing drivers
→ Can I use the drivers from Suse Enterprise (if yes, which ones)
→ Where can I get the drivers for the Hardware for Suse 10.2?

Thank you very must upfront for your help!

It appears from scanning HP documents and a search that the RAID controller is fakeraid and requires a driver called aarahci, which appears to be not open source and only supplied in binary form by HP.

IT Resource Center forums - ML110 G5 Embedded SATA Controller

So either you have to suck it and see if you can somehow get the RHEL or SLES driver to work with OpenSUSE, or forget about fakeraid and use software RAID.

Now you know all that I know about the subject. Good luck.

Hello ken_yap,

thank you for your fast reply!
I think I’m gonna go with the software Raid solution. That would cause the least trouble.

But I still need a solution for the Problem with the network card! A Server without a functional NIC is absolutely worthless (at least it is in my case).

How can I use the drivers from SLES 10 for openSuse 10.2?
Is it possible?


It may be that the NIC is supported by an open source driver. You’d have to get the model of the NIC. lspci will give you the PCI IDs of the devices and then lspci -v will tell you more about the one that is a NIC.

Then check against the supported NICs in Linux. It could be that you have to compile from source because 10.2 was a while ago, and the driver may be newer than 10.2.

Good luck.