hp probook - no clt-alt-f1

hi all,

once again I need you guys help.

from work i got a HP ProBook 4710s.
It has an ATI Mobility radeon 4300 series graphics card.

The thing had Windows7 on it and I made the world a better place by replacing that with OpenSuse 11.2.

The issue is that when pressing ctl-alt-f1 to f6, I only have a black screen, no console.

I played around with sax2 , xorg -files and resolutions, but to no avail.

On ctl-alt-f7, everything looks fine, I got a nice image.

when I type init3 on the grub-screen, it also goes to normal graphical screen.

Help anyone? I cannot work without the crl-alt f…screens.

thanks, Johan

disregard this post.
found other post that deals with the same:
“OpenSuse 11.2 Black Screen”

grt, Johan