HP pro book - Resume from RAM fails


Im fairly new to the linux desktop world… did some linux server administration but nothing special.

I installed openSuse without any problem… than i came across some problems and i fixed them… one of them was the Hibernate(suspend to disk) failures, i fixed this.
Now im stuck at the “sleep”(suspend to ram) option… It goes to sleep normally… and when i try to wake the laptop… it freezes at the KDE login screen… i did a lot of google research… and didnt find any answer… any tip/help appreciated.

Also… so i dont open a new thread… 2 more minor things that bother me a lot… :
1.) bluetooth is always switched on when i start the laptop… tryed many ways to disable it(services off, scripts on startup)
2.) the default network monitor widget doesnt detect my Wi-Fi card… not a real problem… just a thing that i have in my mind… and cant get it out

Thx for all!

openSuse version -> latest from the official page (13.2)
PC specs -> HP pro book(intel i5, 6 GB ram, hybrid graphics intel + ati)