Hp printer needs reauthorisation after every reboot.


I have a Hp printer (OfficeJet 6500A) and it’s working fine via network printing. I installed it with the Hplip software. I’m using the KDE workspace where is an additional printer dialogue.

However every time I restart my computer and print something the KDE printer dialogue changes from “idle” to “rendering complete. halted”. So I have to press resume and retype the root password. I have to do this every time I restart the computer.

As there are different users working on the computer I don’t want to give everybody the root password.

Can you capture more detail from /var/log/cups/error_log?
It is possible to increase the logging verbosity with the following command first

cupsctl --debug-logging

and it can be turned off again with

cupsctl --no-debug-logging

If the output you want to share is lengthy, consider uploading it to https://paste.opensuse.org/ and pst the link to the output here.