HP Printer Drivers hplip in 11.2 RC

Hello, I’m a new linux user and enjoying the challenge of learning a new OS. I am trying to configure my HP Deskjet F2280 and have downloaded the hplip-3.9.10 and have installed from Konsole. I have recieved the following messages during installation:
Missing REQUIRED dependency: gcc (gcc - GNU Project C and C++ Compiler)
warning: This installer cannot install ‘gcc’ for your distro/OS and/or version.
error: Installation cannot continue without this dependency. Please manually install this dependency and re-run this install.

I then tried in Yast to install GCC but have the following message:
gcc-4.4-4.2.x86_64 requires gcc44, but this requirement cannot be provided
uninstallable providers: gcc44-4.4.1_20090817-2.3.4.x86_64[openSUSE 11.2-0]
] downgrade of cpp44-4.4.1_20090817-2.5.1.x86_64 to cpp44-4.4.1_20090817-2.3.4.x86_64

 ] break gcc by ignoring some of its dependencies

 ] do not install gcc-4.4-4.2.x86_64

Please advise. Thanks and Regards,


suggest you try the downgade option. Never ignore dependencies if you are new to Linux. Also see elsewhere on this forum foe repo sites. You should only have update, oss, non-oss and packman at this stage. For HP drivers you may be better off getting one from repo site rather than HP. Again search this forum for further advice.

I am now printing! That was easy.Budgie your right the HP site way is too difficult, i succeeded by going through YAST. I have oss, non-oss and packman repos already installed and hplip is available in YAST. Thanks for your help, as a new user I will try to avoid getting SW from sites and try and stick with Yast.

I note OSS repos for opensuse provides v.3.9.8 of hplip.

The current hplip release is 3.9.10. But I note in the 3.9.10 release notes HP Linux Imaging and Printing that the HP cups driver has been re-written:

The hpcups printer driver has been re-written. The code has been simplified and is no longer based on the APDK. The new driver performs no bi-directional IO which provides improved performance. Print modes, paper sizes, mechanical offsets and margins are no longer hard coded in the source code, but are controlled by the PPD file.
… a complete rewrite of the printer driver reads to be interesting, but I’m not convinced I will rush to this driver when it appears as a packaged rpm for openSUSE. I may first install it on a sandbox PC, before installing it on a more important PC.