HP printer compatibility

Anyone have experience with this AIO laserjet printer in openSuSe?
HP LaserJet Pro M28w Wireless All-in-One Printer
Does Leap support Out o fBox or does it need extra drivers with it? HPLIP or ???

OR>>> other recommendation for laser AIO printers that are not expensive?

That model is on this list;

But does show it here;

Thanks for the links malcomlewis!
I bought the unit today, will arrive Monday sometime.
I read through the install pages and I suppose I will lose a lot more of my hair getting it set up on a desktop with USB and 2 laptops with WiFi.

Connect the decive over USB.
Install hplip
Then run

su -c hp-setup

Pick the first option, it will add the USB printer queue

You can now share this printer over the network using YaST, or, connect it to over USB on a WiFi client, and install and run the same install and program, but pick option 3, setup the printer’s IP. On the second ditto, except choosing option 2, Advanced, enter the IP just set on the device. Then reconnect it back to the desktop machine.

Should be able to just give it an ip address and good to go for scanning/printing. I have my laserjet printer setup over wifi, can access via the web interface for final configuration.

hplip is in YaST software as version 3.18.6
The last link in malcom’s 1st response above points me to hplip minimum version 3.18.4 for the unit I bought.

Does the YaST version suffice?

or should I use the download and execute the automatic installer from HP’s HPLIP site?

I’d try the available package first. FWIW I’m having a branched newer package in my repo.

Agree with above. I always install latest version of hplip from the Print repo. Static IP address seems to be essential once USB installation is complete. Thereafter no problems printing or scanning.

Thanks, I believe the available package will be a better start place for me.
Incidentally, is the version you are adding to your repo hplip-3.19.5?
And where is your repo? I looked at the links in your signature, but couldn’t find a repository. What else does it contain? Asked the curious cat?

Desktop install and setup – Well THAT WAS EASY!
If the laptops go as well, I will be a very happy old man, especially if the WiFi works as advertised.
Thanks for the tips folks!

EDIT>> Tried to give the ‘reputation’ to Knurpht, but got the spread around message. So let it be know Knurpht was a big help along with malcomlewis!

Got’er done FINALLY! but it was a PITA having to deal with HP to get the IP address of the wireless radio in the printer to my router. And since HP doesn’t ‘really’ do Linux.
I had to put up with a very long phone call and lot of work on a Windows only machine to get it!
I was having all kinds of frustration, and then come to find out the wireless icon on the printer panel was blinking! Which meant NO SIGNAL!
Beginning to think I should have paid more the Brother MFP unit!

But after all said and done, it is was a matter of a minute or two to set things up on the laptops for wireless printing.

Thanks for all the excellent help folks!

Le 22/05/2019 à 02:36, Bill L a écrit :

> IP address of the wireless radio in the printer to my router.

curious you coudn’t see this on the router :frowning:


Yes it is! It should have been there, but wasn’t. Therefore the long duration phone call with HP support.I rebooted both printer and router multiple times until had no hair left, and called.


HPLIP 3.19.1 - This release has the following changes:
Added support for following new Distro’s:

  • Open Suse 15(64-bit)

Notes to follow:

  1. open suse 15: Need to install lsb-release package before installing HPLIP for the detection of distribution.
    command: su -c “zypper install lsb-release”

  2. If hp-plugin command does not install the plugin file successfully, as a work around, install the plugin file manually.
    command: sh hplip-3.19.1-plugin.run