HP Photosmart C5280 prints too thick


I had no trouble printing with 11.3, but now when I print certain documents in 11.4, my HP Photosmart C5280 prints too thick. The lines are twice as thick vertically as they should be, as if it were printing twice with one version slightly lower than the other. It’s very unattractive – too bold.

I tried installing using hplip, with no change.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions on how to fix this.

Just a guess - maybe you can adjust the printing options (which depend on the printer driver concerned).

From a browser, enter the CUPS web interface URL:


Click on the HP printer >> Administration >> Set Default Options

Do you see any candidate options which might adjust print quality (eg media type, print resolution…)?

Thanks for the suggestion. The only thing that looked remotely questionable was

Resolution, Quality, Ink Type, Media Type: Controlled by ‘Printout Mode’

There were several other options, but I didn’t know which to try. It’s a color printer, and I usually want to print black and white.

I’ve tried setting the resolution to 300dpi in the Print… dialog box. I still get the vertical doubling.

I’ve asked on the Softmaker forum, since it’s Softmaker that seems to generate the problem. Someone recommended trying a different driver. Could you suggest how I could find another driver?

've asked on the Softmaker forum, since it’s Softmaker that seems to generate the problem.

Are you saying this is an application-specific printing problem? Does this test print ok?

AFAIU, you can select the hpijs driver as well, but depending on your answer above, this may not solve your problem.

I printed a test page in CUPS, and it’s too thick again. Actually, I realize that it’s too thick horizontally – the page I printed in Softmaker was landscape.

But anyway, it’s obviously not a Softmaker problem.

What is the hpijs, and how do I select it? And what does AFAIU stand for?


Its a subcomponent of the the HPLIP

How are HPLIP and HPIJS related? | HPLIP Knowledge Base

(I don’t think it will make any difference to your printing issue actually).

You may have to take this up with HP

Hmmmmm…I didn’t have any printing problems with openSuse 11.3…but then, there are a several problems I have now that I didn’t have with 11.3

I suggest you take it up with

HP Linux Imaging and Printing