hp pavillion - problem with sound


I have installed openSUSE 11.0 on my laptop, hp pav. dv6640ew. I have big problem with sound. Everything works except one thing. When i play some sound, before right sound i can hear a loud crack or bang… sorry for my english, cant describe it perfectly. Its very loud, no difference on volume, even when i turn off sound, and run for example banshee or foobar there is only that loud click. Its like a turning on old speakers. Its really annoying, cant work at night, dont know what to do, please, help me! :frowning:

it happens only on osuse 11.0, on 10.3 and xp everything is ok… And of course happens only when im working on battery. it looks like suse turns off sound card when its not used, and turns on when its needed. but with that loud click…

Please turn off your mic in your mixer. Do you still get that effect?

One big difference in audio between 11.0 and 10.3 is pulse audio. You could make a list of your pulse audio apps. Keep a record of that list. And then remove all pulse audio apps. Reboot. And see if the effect is still there?

If you keep that list, you can always re-install the pulse audio apps.

both (internal and jack for external) mics are disabled. I dont know if i have any pulseaudio apps, but pulse audio is removed from system, everything everywhere is set to alsa.

To see what pulse apps are installed (if any) type:
rpm -qa | grep pulse

that command gives no results, so there is no pulse apps. So why im getting that click’s when pc is on battery?

Possibly hardware. Do you get that effect with any other OS?
ie. do you get this effect with MS-Windows? (vista or xp).

If those are not installed, you could download kanotix, or sidux, or knoppix, burn a boot cd/dvd, and boot your laptop to that live linux cd/dvd. Then see if you get the same problem? That will help point the finger to Hardware (or Linux in general), or specifically to openSUSE.

kanotix: kanotix.com :: GNU Linux Live system based on Debian, optimized for HD-install and high performance
sidux: sidux.com :: debian based live cd development
knoppix: Knoppix Linux

No, there is no that click on xp and other linux. what is more, on suse 10.3 is good too. That click i have only on suse11 when im on battery.

suse 11 is the only one distribution where works lcd backlight, cpu frequency scaling and wifi card. so thats why i want so much to fix that click, suse11 is the best for my laptop

anyone can help? 5 months from last post and still nothing? its impossible to fix?

Did you try my suggestion in post#6 ?? Those are live CD. No one is forcing you to install. Just test with them.

sure. i checked vista and xp - no problems.
no problems on fedora, ubuntu, dreamlinux too - no matter if system is installed or on liveCD

got that problem ONLY on suse 11

i guess that may be a problem i kernel configuration, its not proble mto recompile, i done it once to get suspend working - but have not any idea what to do with that sound.

installed suse 11.1 Rc1 and problem still exists… dont know whats wrong with it, opensuse is my favourite linux but cant use it with that annoying sound…

If this works on those other Linux distributions, and not on openSUSE, then given you only see this on battery operation, that suggests to me that is a power management issue. Try figuring out the difference between how openSUSE does its battery power management, and how those other distributions do the power management. Maybe that will lead you down the path to finding why this is happening.