HP Pavilion zd8000 remote control issues

Hi, been using OpenSUSE on a variety of old laptops for a couple of years now without any problems. I’ve just been given a new machine, a HP Pavilion zd8000 (no, I don’t live at the cutting edge of technology!).

This device comes with a little IR remote control which under Win XP allows you to power on/off, and control multimedia playback. Some of the buttons - power on, power off, volume, mute, etc. - already work, and pressing the Music button fires up Clementine, so far so good!

A few of the other buttons don’t work, though. Most I’m not bothered about but there are two things I’d like to get working:

  1. The OK button for selecting DVD menu options
  2. The DVD button currently does nothing, I’d like it to start up Totem if possible

I’m running version 13.2. Thanks in advance for any help!