HP Pavilion dv7-1245dx Audio drivers

I am looking for drivers for SuSE 11.1 for the following Windows devices:

ATI High Definition Audio Sound Card
IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

Right now my sound doesn’t work on SuSE and every time I log in it tells me that these don’t work. I have found the video driver for my system, but not the audio. I would also like to get updated NIC drivers for both of my connections on this particular laptop. Is there anyone out there that can help with my situation?

SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE

The link caf4926 gave you is a general troubleshooting guide that helps in most the cases.

Its possible it will not be enough to help with your HP DV7 as you may need to force a specific boot configuration if the alsa autoprobe upon booting does not correctly configure your graphic card.

Note that the sound driver for your system comes with openSUSE, and it is called “alsa”. There is more detail here on sound concepts for openSUSE Linux: Sound-concepts - openSUSE

But putting aside the theoretical, its possible what you will need to do is add the following line to the start of your /etc/modprobe.d/sound file:

options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=1 model=hp-m4

You can edit that file under X window

  • in gnome by typing: gnomesu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/sound

  • in kde by typing: kdesu ‘kwrite /etc/modprobe.d/sound’

and in both cases enter the root password when prompted for password.

Then restart your sound driver by typing:
su -c ‘rcalsasound restart’
and enter root password when prompted.

When testing your sound, follow the advice in the troubleshooting guide caf4926 provided the link to: SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE

I have an HP dv7, AMD CPU and 780 Chipset.
There are several versions of dv7s, I am away from mine at the moment so cannot get more specific as to my model.

Audio: Look here for an audio configuration that works on my dv7:
HPDV7 Laptop Sound update - successful - openSUSE Forums

NIC: Determine which NIC device is on board (YAST-Network Devices-Network Settings. I found an updated package at the openSuSE Build Service: Software.openSUSE.org . If Network settings shows something like: “RTL8111/8168B”, you want to search on the “8168B”- but that is not the device on my dv7, this is just an example.
What is your NIC issue? I recall upgrading my NIC driver in search of a WOL fix, but WOL was actually broken by video driver (fglrx_02). Otherwise, the r8169 driver that 11.1 installs by default seemed to work.

Good Luck