HP Pavilion dv6840el - latest update screwed up NVIDIA

As the title says, for some reason the latest major update of the kernel (plus relative NVIDIA patch and driver) a few days ago has messed up the NVIDIA driver on my laptop HP Pavilion dv6840el, with OpenSuse 11.1 and KDE4 only.

Please check this link, which reflects exactly what happened to my laptop as well, especially the comments by Mar Aberto:

It is quite annoying, because Yast keeps wanting to re-install the NVIDIA driver to “satisfy dependencies” whenever there is a new update.

The NVIDIA driver, OpenGL screensavers and even the multiple monitor through HDMI cable were working just fine until this latest kernel update. But now it is literally impossible to use KDE4 (I’m using iceWM right now), so I was hoping it could go back to normal as soon as possible…

Keep up the good work, this is by far my favourite distro!

What repositories are you using?

I don’t want to assume as it is not clear if you are Mar Aberto or simply happen to own the same model of HP computer.

Yes, Mar Aberto is a nickname of mine, so that’s my own laptop that’s described in the kde bugzilla thread.