HP P1102W Printer

I have a HP P1102W interfaced to a 12.1 Desktop PC in the UK, which I’ve configured as a remote printer (via VPN) to various 12.1 Desktops here in Cape Town.

My problem with this particular printer is that it automatically switches off after a short period of ‘none-activity’. The only way to print to the printer - remotely - is to ask someone to physically press the power button to restart the printer.

Does anyone familiar with this printer know if there is a way of configuring the printer to remain permanently ‘active’?

Also, as a matter of interest, anyone managed to configure in 12.1 to operate wirelessly, rather than via USB cable?

I can’t answer your power off question.

Reference wireless printing, yes, I have that with a different model HP printer: Connecting openSUSE to an HP wireless printer - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Old, thread, but…

I recently got one of those at work, didn’t try wireless yet as it sits besides my table, so USB is ok, but the manual says that you can change the stand-by time (or disable it) from windows (argh) printer properties. Haven’t tried it yet as it wakes up when printing through USB.

Update… When is works properly (see below) it does seem to wake up and print, both locally and remotely.

However, unfortunately, I continue to have problems with this printer. Both locally and remotely it occasionally seems to loose usb connection. I’ve updated to the latest HPLIPS (3.12.10) and attempted to run the hp-setup, but it fails to detect the printer, even after re-boot. Strangely, both ‘hp-check’ and ‘Hardware Information’ in YaST confirms no (usb) HP printer, yet lsusb DOES confirm it’s presence:-

Bus 001 Device 012: ID 03f0:032a Hewlett-Packard

And it disappears and reappears each time the usb cable is removed or re-connected.

So if YaST and hp-check DOESN’T see the printer, but lsusb DOES, anyone got any ideas why?

With no solution to my problem (still so after upgrading to openSuSE 12.2), and after further research, I have discovered that the HP P1102W has a problem where YaST and ‘hp-setup’ (in a Terminal) fails to detect the printer, this despite lsusb clearly indicating the presence of the printer. This also explains why I appear to loose remote access to the printer via a VPN. And the problem appears to have been known way back in early 2011 and is still so in late 2012, where I am now using HPLIP 3.12.11.

The solution is to connect the printer to a Windows PC, run SIUtility.exe and disable the ‘CD’ feature, referred to as ‘HP Smart Install’. Reconnect to Linux and hp-setup detects and installs the printer.

Not only does it print, but it now also ‘wakes up’ from ‘stand-by’ mode, something I have never previously managed without switching the printer on and off.

Yes, I recall that has been mentioned previously. Here’s a thread discussing this: