HP OfficeJet 6500 success! Print/Scan/Fax Opensuse 11.1

Thought I’d give back to the community, at least something.
HP OfficeJet 6500 success! Print/Scan/Fax Opensuse 11.1
Go here and download to your desktop…
HP Linux Imaging and Printing
Then simply do the konsole thing to run the installer, then easy to follow the prompts that appear. I’m hopeless and even I can do it, just look at all my previous noob questions.

You then have printer, scanner that work perfect. (Gnome 11.1)
The printers are quite cheap, $128AUD Dick Smith etc

adstaryoung wrote:
> The printers are quite cheap, $128AUD

have you priced the ink yet?

over $60AUD to replace the ink cartridges…
cite: http://tinyurl.com/mgu7mw

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You don’t have to install from hp - the hplip is part of most linux distros so you can install from yast2>software and save a lot of trouble.
The only time you really need the latest from hp is when there is an issue with the version supplied by your distro.

As you present this as a solution, I would ask, what was thee problem?

You loaded hplib from HP, but do not explain why the standard openSUSE offered one does not fit you (or your hardware). When I owned such a device I would like to know why the openSUSE way of using it should not be followed.

Yep, the hplip in the in yast software had some kind of issue for this particular printer. I did give it a go but had no luck. From memory this has been documented on the HP site.
And for the printer inks, I bought 12 for $63AUD delivered from ebay. Not bad price, but haven’t tried them out so I can’t comment on the quality.

  1. Which version was the hplip “in the yast”? Was it the older one from the regular oss repository or the newer from the printer repository? Which version are you running now?

  2. What way were you installing the all-in-one device?
    Like this: How to set-up a HP printer - openSUSE ?

  3. Have you made an bug report against that software from openSUSE?