Hp Microserver AMD Software Raid1

Has anyone Delt with raidxpert2.tgz. I had it working on Opensuse 15.4 64bit. Now I have done a new installation, When I look at the source code, it should work. Below is the error

/etc/init.d/amdraidxpert debug
Shutting down AMD RAIDXpert ServerStarting AMD RAIDXpert Server: 2023-06-07 22:0 0:18.727::INFO: Logging to STDERR via org.mortbay.log.StdErrLog
No Transaction manager found - if your webapp re quires one, please configure one.
WebPAM init start
WebPAM init end
------- Start Loading pmsjni library …
------- Loading pmsjni library …failed because not f ound
Shutdown hook executing
Graceful shutdown SocketConnector@
Graceful shutdown org.mortbay.jetty.webapp.WebAp pContext@766a24{/amd,/opt/AMD/RAIDXpert/jetty/webapps/webpam/Web}
------- WebPAM destroy start
------ Release controller fail:java.lang.NullPointerException
------- Shut down derby database
------ WebPAM destroy End
Shutdown hook complete

@tommyrich Hi, so the pmsjni libray file(s) are in the tarball? If so maybe they are in a non-standard location so you would need to create a /etc/ld.so.conf.d/pmsjni.conf file containing th full path to this library, save and then run ldconfig.

The strange thing is there is a file in that folder and it’s functioning the way you are saying. The RAIDXpert still does not run.
1 root root 0 Jun 7 23:31 derby.log
The is the line in the files.

@tommyrich if you run the command ldconfig is there any output?

What about the installwatch.conf?

Does the file exist in /opt/AMD/RAIDXpert/lib?


@tommyrich what is the output from the ldconfig command, there should be none if all ok…

There is none.
libprdecode.so → libprdecode.so
libxml2.so → libxml2.so
libpri2plugin.so → libpri2plugin.so
libpri2api.so → libpri2api.so
libpmsjni.so → libpmsjni.so
libprerrlog.so → libprerrlog.so
libgvplugin_neato_layout.so.6 → libgvplugin_neato_layout.so.6.0.0
libgvplugin_gs.so.6 → libgvplugin_gs.so.6.0.0
libgvplugin_gdk.so.6 → libgvplugin_gdk.so.6.0.0
libgvplugin_gd.so.6 → libgvplugin_gd.so.6.0.0
libgvplugin_core.so.6 → libgvplugin_core.so.6.0.0
libgvplugin_gtk.so.6 → libgvplugin_gtk.so.6.0.0
libgvplugin_rsvg.so.6 → libgvplugin_rsvg.so.6.0.0
libgvplugin_pango.so.6 → libgvplugin_pango.so.6.0.0
libgvplugin_xlib.so.6 → libgvplugin_xlib.so.6.0.0
libgvplugin_dot_layout.so.6 → libgvplugin_dot_layout.so.6.0.0
libkdeinit_kded.so → libkdeinit_kded.so
libkunittest.so.1 → libkunittest.so.1.0.0
libkdeinit_kxkb.so → libkdeinit_kxkb.so
libkdeinit_kcontroledit.so → libkdeinit_kcontroledit.so
libkdeinit_kcmshell.so → libkdeinit_kcmshell.so
libkdeinit_kbuildsycoca.so → libkdeinit_kbuildsycoca.so
libkdeinit_appletproxy.so → libkdeinit_appletproxy.so
libkdeinit_kio_http_cache_cleaner.so → libkdeinit_kio_http_cache_cleaner.so
libkdeinit_khotkeys.so → libkdeinit_khotkeys.so
libkspell.so.4 → libkspell.so.4.2.0
libkscript.so.0 → libkscript.so.0.0.0
libkabc_ldapkio.so.1 → libkabc_ldapkio.so.1.0.0
libkdeinit_kprinter.so → libkdeinit_kprinter.so
libkdeinit_kcminit_startup.so → libkdeinit_kcminit_startup.so
libkdeinit_ksmserver.so → libkdeinit_ksmserver.so
libkwalletclient.so.1 → libkwalletclient.so.1.0.1
libkdeinit_kconf_update.so → libkdeinit_kconf_update.so
libtaskmanager.so.1 → libtaskmanager.so.1.0.0
libkdeprint_management.so.4 → libkdeprint_management.so.4.2.0
libkdeprint.so.4 → libkdeprint.so.4.2.0
libkresources.so.1 → libkresources.so.1.2.0
libkhtml.so.4 → libkhtml.so.4.2.0
libkdeinit_klauncher.so → libkdeinit_klauncher.so
libkonqsidebarplugin.so.1 → libkonqsidebarplugin.so.1.2.0
libkickermain.so.1 → libkickermain.so.1.0.0
libDCOP.so.4 → libDCOP.so.4.2.0
libkmdi2.so.1 → libkmdi2.so.1.0.0
libkdeinit_kfmclient.so → libkdeinit_kfmclient.so
libkdemm.so.0 → libkdemm.so.0.0.0
libkutils.so.1 → libkutils.so.1.2.0
libkspell2.so.1 → libkspell2.so.1.0.0
libkdeinit_kwin_rules_dialog.so → libkdeinit_kwin_rules_dialog.so
libkfontinst.so.0 → libkfontinst.so.0.0.0
libksgrd.so.1 → libksgrd.so.1.2.0
libktexteditor.so.0 → libktexteditor.so.0.0.0
libkabc_dir.so.1 → libkabc_dir.so.1.0.0
libvcard.so.0 → libvcard.so.0.0.0
libkabc_file.so.1 → libkabc_file.so.1.0.0
libkjs.so.1 → libkjs.so.1.2.0
libkjava.so.1 → libkjava.so.1.0.0
libkdeinit_runupdater.so → libkdeinit_runupdater.so
libkdeinit_kmenuedit.so → libkdeinit_kmenuedit.so
libkmediaplayer.so.0 → libkmediaplayer.so.0.0.0
libkdesu.so.4 → libkdesu.so.4.2.0
libkdeinit_cupsdconf.so → libkdeinit_cupsdconf.so
libkdecorations.so.1 → libkdecorations.so.1.0.0
libksplashthemes.so.0 → libksplashthemes.so.0.0.0
libkdeinit_kaccess.so → libkdeinit_kaccess.so
libkdeinit_klipper.so → libkdeinit_klipper.so
libkdeinit_kjobviewer.so → libkdeinit_kjobviewer.so
libkasbar.so.1 → libkasbar.so.1.0.0
libkdeinit_kio_uiserver.so → libkdeinit_kio_uiserver.so
libconnectionmanager.so.0 → libconnectionmanager.so.0.0.0
libkdeinit_khelpcenter.so → libkdeinit_khelpcenter.so
libkatepartinterfaces.so.0 → libkatepartinterfaces.so.0.0.0
libkonq.so.4 → libkonq.so.4.2.0
libkdesasl.so.1 → libkdesasl.so.1.2.0
libkntlm.so.0 → libkntlm.so.0.0.0
libnetworkstatus.so.0 → libnetworkstatus.so.0.0.0
libknewstuff.so.1 → libknewstuff.so.1.0.0
libkdnssd.so.1 → libkdnssd.so.1.0.0
libkdefx.so.4 → libkdefx.so.4.2.0
libkdeinit_dcopserver.so → libkdeinit_dcopserver.so
libkdeinit_extensionproxy.so → libkdeinit_extensionproxy.so
libkdeui.so.4 → libkdeui.so.4.2.0
libkscreensaver.so.4 → libkscreensaver.so.4.2.0
libkdeinit_keditbookmarks.so → libkdeinit_keditbookmarks.so
libkmid.so.0 → libkmid.so.0.0.95
libkdeinit_kcookiejar.so → libkdeinit_kcookiejar.so
libkparts.so.2 → libkparts.so.2.1.0
libkdefakes.so.4 → libkdefakes.so.4.2.0
libkmdi.so.1 → libkmdi.so.1.0.0
libkdeinit_kcontrol.so → libkdeinit_kcontrol.so
libkdeinit_knotify.so → libkdeinit_knotify.so
libkio.so.4 → libkio.so.4.2.0
libkdeinit_kicker.so → libkdeinit_kicker.so
libkickoffsearch_interfaces.so.0 → libkickoffsearch_interfaces.so.0.0.0
libkdecore.so.4 → libkdecore.so.4.2.0
libkdeinit_kaddprinterwizard.so → libkdeinit_kaddprinterwizard.so
libkimproxy.so.0 → libkimproxy.so.0.0.0
libkdeinit_kwin.so → libkdeinit_kwin.so
libkdeinit_kcminit.so → libkdeinit_kcminit.so
libtaskbar.so.1 → libtaskbar.so.1.2.0
libkwalletbackend.so.1 → libkwalletbackend.so.1.0.0
libkdeinit_kdesktop.so → libkdeinit_kdesktop.so
libkabc.so.1 → libkabc.so.1.2.0
libkhotkeys_shared.so.1 → libkhotkeys_shared.so.1.0.0
libmemusage.so → libmemusage.so
libresolv.so.2 → libresolv-2.31.so
libBrokenLocale.so.1 → libBrokenLocale-2.31.so
libselinux.so.1 → libselinux.so.1
librt.so.1 → librt-2.31.so
libnss_hesiod.so.2 → libnss_hesiod-2.31.so
libpcprofile.so → libpcprofile.so
ld-linux.so.2 → ld-2.31.so
libm.so.6 → libm-2.31.so
libnss_db.so.2 → libnss_db-2.31.so
libacl.so.1 → libacl.so.1.1.2253
libz.so.1 → libz.so.1.2.11
libutil.so.1 → libutil-2.31.so
libnss_compat.so.2 → libnss_compat-2.31.so
libthread_db.so.1 → libthread_db-1.0.so
libnss_files.so.2 → libnss_files-2.31.so
libanl.so.1 → libanl-2.31.so
libtirpc.so.3 → libtirpc.so.3.0.0
libnsl.so.1 → libnsl-2.31.so
libpthread.so.0 → libpthread-2.31.so
libcom_err.so.2 → libcom_err.so.2.1
libattr.so.1 → libattr.so.1.1.0
libgcc_s.so.1 → libgcc_s.so.1
libdl.so.2 → libdl-2.31.so
libSegFault.so → libSegFault.so
libpam_misc.so.0 → libpam_misc.so.0.82.1
libpamc.so.0 → libpamc.so.0.82.1
libnss_dns.so.2 → libnss_dns-2.31.so
libss.so.2 → libss.so.2.0
libc.so.6 → libc-2.31.so
libpam.so.0 → libpam.so.0.84.2

Anyone else can figer what the problem is.

If you just run the command that’s in that init script to start you application, what happens?

/etc/init.d> sudo ./amdraidxpert debug
[sudo] password for root:
Shutting down AMD RAIDXpert ServerStarting AMD RAIDXpert Server: 6:10.597::INFO: Logging to STDERR via org.mortbay.log.StdErrLog
No Transaction manager found - if your webapp re quires one, please configure one.
WebPAM init start
WebPAM init end
Start Loading pmsjni library …
------- Loading pmsjni library …failed because not found
Shutdown hook executing
Graceful shutdown SocketConnector@
Graceful shutdown org.mortbay.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext@da6bf4{/amd,/opt/AMD/RAIDXpert/jetty/webapps/webpam/Web}
WebPAM destroy start
------- Release controller fail:java.lang.NullPointerException
------- Shut down derby database
------- WebPAM destroy End
Shutdown hook complete

So run it under strace, see what files it tries to open.

Here is the link to the file : cstrace

I’ve created the strace file. Which is in my link. Don’t see anything that should prevent the program from running.

You need to capture all child processes, not only the top level one. Run strace with --follow-forks option, like
strace -f ...

I’ve created the file with --follow-forks. Created multiple files. Used a joining tool to place into one file. Hopefully what you’ll see is correct. Just overwrite the other file in my link.

It sounds like you used -ff which creates separate file per process. Usually, strace -f -o strace.out command ... writes everything into single output file strace.out.

Anyway - apparently, libpmsjni.so requires libncurses.so.5 which no more exists for Leap 15.4. Show the output of

ldd /opt/AMD/RAIDXpert/lib/libpmsjni.so

Sorry, I was wrong. It is not installed by default, but you can install libncurses5 to get it.

AMD RAIDXpert, looks more like I’ll have to get hold of AMD to see why there software Does not talk to the RAID Hardware on there motherboard.