HP M2727nf Network Printer Troubleshooting

Ok, I have the HP m2727nf printer. I set it up in openSUSE 12.1 just fine. It installed the HPLIP plugin. It installed the default drivers for the device (postscript). Yet, I still can’t print to the device. I know the URI is correct because I am able to scan from the Printer to my desktop, but I can’t print from my desktop to the printer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m kind of stumped over here.

Does the following command work?


Try with root privileges as well

sudo hp-testpage

If the latter works, check that you’re a member of the ‘lp’ and ‘sys’ groups.

I should have mentioned that earlier, but I was frustrated and not thinking clearly. Printing a test page with root privileges works fine. I’ve added all users that need the printer to the “lp” and “sys” groups and they still can’t print. it’s really odd. Normal users can use the Scan/Fax functions without problem, but they can’t print.

edit-- Printing works fine after a reboot. /facepalm

It’s a common reason for user printing issues. Good to know it is now working for you. :slight_smile: