HP LaserJet P1006 Printer Not Working [Device Comm Error]

Whenever I send a document to print on my USB Printer, as mentioned in title, it just sits and waits and after a minute or so the hp-toolbox resturns this error.

Status: Printer queue stopped Code: 700
Status: Device Communication Error Code: 5012

I know my printer is OK since I print with it on my Windows machine. Any solution?

Did you set up the printer using hp-setup or was the printer automaically detected?
Try reinstalling it by first deleting it in cups.
(Open a browser and use the address localhost:631
Then run hp-setup as root and add the printer.
Have a look at:
How to set-up a HP printer - openSUSE)

Thanks a lot! It is working now. But I just realized my printer cartridge is at very low… :stuck_out_tongue:
Will get it refilled on Monday.
Anyway, now at least the motors whine and take in page and print something on it. That was possible because of your help. I am sincerely thankful. :slight_smile: Have a nice time.

Glad you got it working.
Only replace the toner when the print quality has gone completely. Sometimes shaking it distributes the toner so you get more life out of it.
I have a Samsung printer that says toner is low and have had a ream of paper out of it without a problem.