HP Laserjet 5p driver installation issue

OS- Tumbleweed 15.4
Printer HP Laserjet 5p
I still use this HP dinosaur with a parrellel to usb cable connect to the computer and had no issue installing the driver with other Linux OS in the past. Albeit, I must reboot toat times to get it to print. Now with Tumbleweed, I am unable to get a driver installed that will work. I have installed hplip but canot get anything to print. I would like to see if I can get this to work in Suse as I like this current rendition and don’t want to switch to another OS. Your help would be appreciated in as much detail as possible. Thanks.

What happened when you ran HP Device Manager to set up the printer? Need some details.

Run these and report back with the output…

lpstat -t
sudo /usr/sbin/lpinfo -v
hp-check -r

For lengthy output you can use https://paste.opensuse.org/ and post the link to the uploaded content here.