HP Laserjet 4L printer driver

Where can I get a correct driver for my HP LaserJet 4L?. The installed one

HP LaserJet 4l, hpcups 3.21.10

seems to think my printer can handle double-sided printing.

Most programs - Okular in KDE, Document viewer in Gnome, LibreOffice - have options to disable double-sided printing.

I suspect it’s more fundamental than that. Even the CUPS Maintenance > Print Test Page cannot fit the page to one side. The left side only is printed large. Also the CUPS self test function returns the message

Unsupported document-format "application/vnd.cups-command".

Moreover, I am missing, for example, with LibreOffice, any ‘shrink to to page size’ option. The result is that only the left half of an A4 (portrait) text is printed (large).

This might be helpful to others responding…

lpstat -t
egrep -i "name|model|filter" /etc/cups/ppd/*

Thanks for the input. I believe it is rather time to ditch this ancient printer.

That sounds like the most pragmatic option. :wink: