HP F2100 scanner problem

Dear friends, I have a strange problem with HP F2100 All-in-one. It prints OK, but scanner does not work (it is supported, it should work). My distro is 11.1 64-bit, and I use HPLIP 3.9.10. When I try to initialize scanner, I get something like this:
Failed to open device …
Error during device I/O.
Help, please

It should work. What program are you using to scan? xsane?

On my wife’s Epson scanner, on openSUSE-11.1, it was necessary to add her username to group “lp” to overcome a permissions problem. But there is a world of difference between an Epson and an HP scanner.

Thank you for replay. It is the same whatever I use. xsane also returns the same message: failed to open device. I am member of lp group.

To ensure its not a permissions problem, what happens if you run xsane with root permissions?

Did you try to set it up with hplip (using the hp-toolbox ) ?

Yeah, it works now! I don’t know what was the problem, but I removed hplip and installed version from HP website, and it works!
Thank you very much!

Hi, which software / driver of HP did u download and install from HP website? I also have F 2100 and need software to scan.
thanks in advance