HP EliteBook 850 G1 compatibility?

Anyone running on an EliteBook 850 G1 or comparable machine?

You should be fine, the easiest thing to do is download a Live version of openSUSE, if in windows use rufus to create a bootable USB, or burn the iso image to a dvd…
Click on the Alternatives link to see the live versions.

Thank you for the answer. Trying the Live CD was my next step I was going to try this weekend. I was just curious if I could find anyone able to give personal experience too.

Well currently I have had openSUSE running on HP ProBooks without any issues, they are just single gpu’s if your system has dual graphics there may be some work needed. I currently have a HP ProBook 4440s with openSUSE 13.2 but that is just an intel GPU, If your system has an AMD APU, then if it supports boost states and your wanting to take advantage of this, then you do need the fglrx driver.

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Mine is single gpu, Intel HD 4400, Core I7, 8 Gb Ram. Only thing about it that might be considered an upgrade is it has a SSD.

You should be fine. Run the live version to check the wireless. All my main machines have SSD’s (120GB) on one I use the rotating drive in a caddy and use bcache on one of the ssd partitions to speed up the rotating drive.

Is there a preferred list of repositories that are suggested for new HP laptops? I have an Elitebook 8570w and ZBook that I have installed SUSE on. Everything works great until I dock the machines. SUSE seems to stall where just the mouse moves. Please let me know. I greatly appreciate responses.

Is the SUSE (SLED/SLES) or openSUSE?

Run the command and post the output in code tages;

lsb_release -a


cat /etc/os-release