HP DV6 Issues and Fixes

I have just purchased a DV6 to replace my old laptop with its xpress 200m graphics card. The DV6 tested the best with the opensuse livecd out of all the models I looked at this holiday season.

It has a near perfect startup and run with the livecd. However there are a few issues to overcome once you have installed 11.2 to the system.

Issues and fixes

  1. Because there is no ATI repo for the new HD driver at least not an official one. You have to install the driver from ATI by hand, there is a side effect to installing it this way.
    a. Whenever you install kernel updates you have to reinstall the ATI driver. It doesn’t look like this is going to change anytime soon.

The ATI drivers cannot be integrated directly into openSUSE because of their license.

This Doesn’t bother me however as I have had to do this type of install with the xpress200m for years.

Other Required packages for making and installing the ATI Driver.

  • kernel source
  • gcc
  1. This is one that doesn’t come to light with the livecd, suspend to ram, as well as suspend to hard disk don’t work well with this and other dv6 models. Everyone seem to have different problems with this area. My Issue manifests itself in a failed touch pad. Logging out and back in doesn’t help so restarting the X server isn’t the issue. The driver doesn’t work after a suspend occurs. The other issue caused by this failure is that the system will not shutdown, so don’t place it in your laptop bag thinking it will just shut off.
    a. Turn off suspend to ram on laptop lid close
    b. Turn of suspend ram or suspend to disk depending on which works best for you.
    c. plug-in an external mouse after suspend has occurred

I am looking for information on how to fix this issue, some one has hinted at a fix for this resume issue. They also stated that the fix only works as long has you don’t do any updates. So its not a perfect solution, but at least there is one.

I would like to plainly state that the suspend to ram works great other than the failure to load the touch pad driver on resume and the failure to shutdown properly.

  1. Cdrom will run continually when certain cd’s are in it. (data, linux distro’s and .mpg file cd’s)
    I am wondering is there is a quick way to turn off or unmount and remount the cd drive as this issue makes it quit hot.

  2. Speakers don’t turn off when you plug-in a headset.
    a. You have to add the speaker channel to kmix and mute it manually.

Small side issue the wireless switch on this model is also acting as an activity light. If anyone knows how to make this stop please let me know.

This model works great right out of the box except for these small issues. I can’t say the same for 90% of the other new hardware I tested.

**processor model ** Turion II Dual-Core
diagonal screen size 15.6 inches
memory 4 GB
hard drive capacity 320 GB
screen resolution 1366 x 768
optical drive DVD±RW/DVD-RAM/DVD+R Double Layer
processor speed 2.2 GHz
**frontside bus speed ** 3600 MHz
memory type DDR2 SDRAM
maximum memory capacity 8 GB
wireless connectivity 802.11a/b/g/N
network connectivity 10/100 Ethernet
modem 56K V.90
webcam with microphone yes
numeric keypad yes
ports 3 USB 2.0; 1 eSATA/USB 2.0; 1 HDMI; 1 Ethernet; 1 RJ-11; 1 VGA 15-pin D-sub; 1 notebook expansion port 3
memory card reader yes
video graphics ATI Radeon HD 4200 graphics with 128MB display cache and up to 2046MB total available
integrated speakers yes
audio hardware Altec Lansing with SRS Premium Sound
Energy Star qualified yes
peripherals included remote control

This is fixable, I believe, by forcing a certain alsa configuration upon boot with a judicious edit to the /etc/modprobe.d/50-sound.conf file in openSUSE-11.2.

I think there is some info in this thread:
Audio coming from both headphone and laptop speakers - openSUSE Forums

I did what magabooks did and went out shopping with the live cd. I purchased the DV4 and have about the same issues.

That sound fix will be useful.

As noted, I helped a user fix that problem in this thread:
Audio coming from both headphone and laptop speakers - openSUSE Forums

If you find that too difficult to follow, then please post in this “multimedia” sub-forum, providing in your post the following information:

  • provide the URLs (of a summary webpage) that are created by running the diagnostic script noted here:
    SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE - Script to run to obtain detailed information. On openSUSE-11.1 and newer that will ask you to run the script /usr/sbin/alsa-info.sh and after the script finishes it will give you a URL to pass to the support personnel. Please post here the output URL. Just the URL. You may need to run that script twice (the first time with root permissions to update in the /usr/sbin directory, and the second time to get the URL).
  • in a terminal, or xterm, or konsole, type: rpm -qa ‘alsa#and post output here
  • in a terminal, or xterm, or konsole, type: rpm -qa ‘pulse#and post output here
  • in a terminal, or xterm, or konsole, type: rpm -q libasound2 #and post output here
  • in a terminal, or xterm, or konsole, type: uname -a #and post output here
  • for openSUSE-11.1 or earlier, in a terminal, or xterm, or konsole, type: cat /etc/modprobe.d/sound #and post output here
  • for openSUSE-11.2 or later, in a terminal, or xterm, or konsole, type: cat /etc/modprobe.d/50-sound.conf #and post output here

I know the above is a pain to run, but its the only way that I can see what is happening on your PC.

I am having the same issue with 11.4 64bit will the same fix work?

Everything works but sound turning off when headset are in use and webcam mic, which you have offered a fix for.

I suspect an alsa configuration can be forced upon boot to provide the functionality you want. In any case, writing a bug report is likely a good idea as this should “just work”. But first, lets see if we can force the alsa configuration upon boot to the configuration that you need. In order to do that, I need some further information.

Please provide the information requested to be provided in our multimedia stickie! (it is in quotes in our multimedia stickie making it easier for you to see what the information requested is):
Welcome to multimedia sub-area

I need that information in order to provide hopefully good advice.