HP DV6-1240ea - Problem Resuming Suspended Session

Hello All,

I’m having problems resuming a suspended session on my HP DV6-1240ea laptop. On attempting to resume a suspended session the screen remains blank. I’ve tried pressing the Caps Lock key to see if the LED lights but it does not which would suggest the system has not started.

Any help or hints with this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards,

Paul Smith.

I have a HP DV6232, suspend to disk works, but takes some time for wireless to come back after resume, and headfone sensing stops working, I have to restart alsa for it to come back.

Suspend to ram doesn’t work without tweaking, and breaks after some updates, so I suspend to disk.

This is very much hardware-dependent, check your kernel documentation at /usr/src/linux/Documentation/power, files states.txt and s2ram.txt are of interest.

I have been wondering what the story on this issue was.

I have the same issue with my dv6, but other than that is works great.

O Do you know of a quick way to restart the mouse pad after it goes into suspend to ram.