HP DV5 Wireless Not working

Ok I have an HP DV5 Laptop wiht an AR5001 Wireless Network Adapter and also a RTL8101/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet Controller (eht0) card.

The kernel driver for the wireless card is ath5k and for the pci ethernet card the kernel driver is r8169.

Just to give you some more information the wireless GUI seems to find my wireless network but for some reason it will not connect. Even to make things more interesting when I plug the laptop directly into the internet via Ethernet and it doesn’t work. Says it is not connected on the GUI. I am extremely new to linux first time user here. I also wanted to mention on more thing I am using a WPA2 and on the linux system I am inputing the passphrase similar to this 1-supergal55.

How are you managing the network - through a network manager icon in the taskbar or ifup.
If through a network manger icon, right click on it and choose preferences and set it up from there. This gives you more choices for encryption type and keys.