Hp dv2945 se buttons

The touch sensitive buttons above my keyboard on my laptop are not set up correctly… When i run my finger on them it triggers something, because it can make a URL on my browser highlight, it just doesn’t do the intended command for the buttons. If anyone could help me with mapping these drives it would be greatly appreciated.

you’ve been a bit vague here. are these similar to the quick keys on other laptops(volume, application access, etc)? what kinda of behavior is occuring when you use them? all that sort of info helps when trying to get replies.

Hi Lars,
Don’t worry, you will succeed to map your shortcut keys, as I have done with my HP Pavillion DV6230BR and Gnome Desktop.

Just follow my last post: openSUSE downgrade - openSUSE Forums

When you are into the menu of shortcut keys, select the function you need to map, then hit the soft key you wish to use and voila, you have done.

Yup, that fixed the problem… although the mute button doesn’t work still. But that is something i can figure out myself, thank you for the help