HP DM4 Function

Hi All,

I am new to linux,

And I have installed OpenSuse 12.2 on my HP DM4 1009tu and the problems are with it’s function key.
Volume & wifi keys are working with GNOME & KDE. But I have preferred XFCE (it so simple interface) and only wifi function key is working.
But my most concern is with the LCD brightness, it’s at it max brightness and drains my battery in less than 90 min :frowning:

No luck on googling. Can some help me in fixing the the LCD brightness to low.


There are a packages called


Look for this using yast2 or zypper and it might help you

Also in xfce settings manager look for

power manager

Hi Conram,

My testing results in below,

laptop-mode-tools - installed the package, but not sure how to configure, could you please help in configuring it.
xfce-panel-plugin-brightness & Power Manager - no use on adjusting the control,
xfce4-volumed - just now installed the package reboot the notebook, still no luck.


Sorry can’t help with the laptop-mode-tools, I never used it.
xfce-volumed I guess works when it is enable in the aplication autostart.
The xfce-panel-brightness-plugin I never use it because I control my laptop
brightness in the nvidia-settings

I pointed you to those package to see if you can find info how/if it can help some of your issues with the laptop