hp device manager to add all in one connected to another pc

Trying to add a all in one hp printer to my pc running 11.1 using the hp device manager. The printer is locally connected to a different pc via usb on my network. This pc is running windows. Is this possible?

Share the printer in windows. You will need the samba client and cups on suse. Then open a browser and type //localhost:631 to configure it in cups.

First of all I disabled my firewall because it is blocking me from accessing the other pc’s share. I think I need port 139 open for samba?

So then I can access the pc. But when I go through cups wizard I get through everything up until the end where it always states that I have a bad uri. I tried this…

smb://pcname/HP Deskjet F2100 series
and tried
smb://pcname/Printers/HP Deskjet F2100 series

For whatever reason they do not work. On the windows pc the printer is shared and I have the name of it correct. Any ideas?

Tried a few more things still a no go. Maybe you just cant add a printer that is attached to a pc on your network running vista?

Ad it by smb://ip_address/HP Deskjet F2100 series

That didnt work either. Says bad device-uri.