Hp Deskjet F380 Issue

The hpijs-standalone Driver doesn’t seem to work for printing or scanning. The scanning issue is caused by a dependency issue, the scanner needs hplib which as you will see can’t be installed with the hpijs-standalone driver.

How to make the Deskjet F380 all in one scan and print.

First make sure the F380 is plug in to the PC.

Step 1:

Delete any configured and not working F380's from both the printing and scanning configurations in Yast.

To do this Goto Hardware under Yast and click on Printer/Scanner and delete any F380’s.

Step 2:

Goto Software Management and install hplib, hplip-hpijs and remove hpijs-standalone.

After doing this you will need to configure your printer.

Step 3:

Hardware>Printer and click on configure, now simply hit next and try to print a test page. 
You should now get a beautiful Suse test page.

Step 4:

Hardware>Scanner click on Edit and select the F380 driver click next and finish.

The Scanner should now work test it with Kooka.

It seems that that the problem is with sane, the F380’s driver
is probably not included in sane’s supported drivers.
I use suse 10.0 and I have installed hplip 2.7.6-1 and hplip-hpijs 2.7.6-1 from Packman. The printer works just fine but the scanner
cannot be detected from sane

sometimes if a scanner is not detected by sane, it can be because the enquiry is made by the user from a terminal

$ scanimage -L

it can be a question of permissions; (it is for us!!)

this webpage http://www.sane-project.org/README.linux

talks of this:

so they suggest two enquires as substitute user (su):

scanimage -L

ie logged in as root



if your scanner is recognised as root,

(and sane thinks it really should work) http://www.sane-project.org/sane-supported-devices.html

you should be able to get it to work by changing permissions each time you log in

you can


enter the device and bus number of your scanner at this log in … into the command

chmod a+rw /dev/bus/usb/00*/00*

where you enter the relevant numbers into the above command

for a more definitive fix, you edit the udev rules … /etc/udev/rules.d

and that’s another story …

Finally I made it to use the scanner (before I had to
unplug a webcam usb wich was also not detected from my system). What I did was to use a driver for LaserJet 2800, hpaio(through yast of course). Now I just use the xsane and the scanner works just fine! Thanks for your advice!