hp deskjet 3650 driver

Has anyone been able to pin down a driver for a hp deskjet 3650…opensuse 11?? I’ve looked everywhere and just as soon as I think I’ve found one…nothing. Can anyone help me out??

This pagesuggests that the printer is supported. Have you tried configuring via CUPS yet?

One thing I forgot to mention, I have just recently crossed over to the other side from windows to Linux and have never used Linux or opensuse11 before. So all this is new to me. Consider me an “extreme newbie”. I’m still trying to learn the basics and see how this OS ticks…Sorry I didn’t mention this before.

Have you tried setting the printer up with hplip?

The printer is supported with the drivers provided by HP and included in hplip already included with openSUSE.

Just run hp-toolbox and set the printer up.

Or YaST > Hardware > Printer

This may be helpful:

How to set-up a HP printer - openSUSE