hp 8540w, upgrade kernel on 11.2 or keep trying 11.3 m6?

As the title says, I own a hp 8540w laptop. After installing openSUSE 11.2 I encountered some expected problems that have been already reported and which have been solved on newer versions of the linux kernel. In fact, here it is claimed that “Most things works Out-Of-The-Box with Ubuntu 10.04”. There are still some minor issues, but I’ll happy if I can achieve with openSUSE the same results that they have with Ubuntu. So I can think in two options:

a) Try openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 6

b) Try to upgrade the current kernel on 11.2 (2.6.31) to 2.6.33 by following the steps on this guide

I already made a first attempt with the Milestone 6 but I ran into some problems during (and after) the installation. Since this is a development version, I’m not sure if I can ask for support on them. So, I would like to ask the experienced users and experts for their opinion. Is the second option something worth to try? Since I am relatively new to linux, I don’t think that I can tackle the problems on milestone 6 by my own so, is there a third option that I have not considered (besides waiting for the final release of 11.3)?

If I am omitting some important information, please let me know.