HP 8510w brightness fn keys

Anyone have luck enabling these keys to adjust brightness in opensuse 11.1? The only way i’ve found to do this is via xbrightness command switches (xbacklight doesn’t work). Any ideas/thoughts on where to look for a solution? Is it an ACPI issue?

Anyone use an HP laptop with 11.1 and have success with changing the panel brightness?

In case anyone out there can benefit, this post helped me tremendously:

Sony vaio FZ21M (everything is now working) - openSUSE Forums

My fn9 and fn10 keys utilize nvclock now to adjust backlight. When I unplug, my system dims, but doesn’t go back to 100% on re-plug which I don’t understand why.

Also, another post from the Ubuntu folks making good headway on this:


I’m running an HP dv6408nr which I upgraded 2 days ago to openSUSE 11.1 from winblows. I’m brand new to this OS, but after downloading the Milestone 1 update, my broadcom wireless, Fn-brightness keys (Fn-f7 and Fn-f8) are working very well! :slight_smile:

I am wondering if I can get the Quickplay buttons working too, since I like to adjust Volume and Mute from there, but haven’t had any luck with those yet.

I’m also wondering about how to install antivirus scanner? Like I said, I’m brand new, love the way my system’s running now and would like to keep it running this way a while… Sorry if I’m breaking any etiquette with this posting, just trying to find help.

Don’t worry about antivirus scanners.
I recommend you keytouch for configuring special function keys.