hp 8250

Printer will not print. I have used Yast and hp-config in terminal and things have gone from bad to worse. It was printing one line license and copyright and now nothing. I have installed cups and hplip. The printer does turn on, but no useful output>:(

This is solved. I unplugged the printer and plugged it back in again and a dialog box appeared on screen asking for my password. After typing in the password a configuration sequence began and the result was a working printer.:wink:

I have had similar experiences setting up my HP printers.

Nothing beats a little trial and error, with some common sense mixed in.

But I hope HP does some work on its software to make printer installation a little more straightforward. My HP Laserjet still uses the manual feed tray by default, and it usually takes about 1/2 hour of messing with it to get it to run correctly.

And then if I unplug it, the configuration often has to be done all over again.