HP 6910p hangs with OpenSUSE 11.0

With OpenSUSE 11.0 my HP 6910p hangs regularly when closing laptop. I found out it to be probably some ACPI problem, as when I start the system with ACPI=off, hanging doesn’t happen. Neverthless some other problems appear so I’d like to stay with ACPI on.
With OpenSUSE 10.3 it worked well.
Any advice except downgrading bacvk to 10.3?

What happens if you try the boot code “acpi=force” ? That code does work for some users who have shut down problems (when closing the laptop). Still, given “acpi=off” works for you, I think it very unlikely “acpi=force”
will work … but it doesn’t hurt to try.

You could try some other boot codes from here:
SDB:Kernel Parameters for ACPI/APIC - openSUSE

I also note a Ubuntu user had some suspend/resume problems, and had to edit some files to obtain the functionality they wanted:
Jun’s Scribbles: Linux install on HP 6910p using Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy)

I checked out a fedora and a debian users’ experience with this laptop, but did not notice anything obviously relevant …
Fedora Linux on the HP Compaq 6910p notebook
Debian GNU/Linux lenny/sid on HP/Compaq 6910p

Unfortunately acpi=force didn’t help. The laptop still hangs when I close the lid. I configured KPowersave not to suspend when closing the lid. It should only switch off the display. But when I do it, the laptop hangs almost regularly.
Suspend/resume works quite well.