HP 6710 with X3100 and suspend-to-ram

I didn’t find any thread regarding my problem so decided to start a new one.
I have a HP 6710s laptop with a Core 2 Duo T7300 and X3100 video.

When I was using opensuse 10.3 everything was fine.
But after installing opensuse 11.0 I can’t user a suspend-to-ram.
I’m using a “s2ram -f -p -m” to put my laptop in suspend mode.
It I wake up my laptop after a short sleep (less than a half an hour), everything is ok).
But if I put it in sleep at night, it doesn’t wake up at next morning.
It just spins up a HDD and CPU fan, but screen and keyboard is dead.
It also unavailable over network.

Here is my /etc/powersave/sleep config:


Maybe have somebody been faced with such problem?

Thanks in advance.