HP-625: 12.2RC-X64: fglrx failure

On a new install, 12.2RC-X64 from a liveCD, all went very smoothly

The install of AMD fglxr also went without problem, with the driver kernel
module being compiled and installed

On initialisation, X complained of no “fb” and listed all radeon and radeonhd
compatible cards. Hence it reboots to a black screen on the initiation of init 5

Before the update, the laptop had 12.1-32bit plus Tumbleweed, and worked very
well with the fglrx driver

The user is happy with the update even being limited to the radeon driver with
~45fps speed screen refresh rate, so fixing it is no real deal

The method of install was the manual method from openSUSE Lizards

Has anyone had success with the fglrx driver on an HP-625?


Any suggestion how to get X to recognise the installed graphics card?

Thx ins advance for any suggestions … :\