HP 3D GuardDrive

I wish openSUSE to supply a daemon, which uses the /dev/freefall to provide hard disk head crash protection. There is an example application in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/hwmon/hpfall.c which might be used as a base for such a daemon and the needed modules (hp_accel and lis3lv02d) are present in kernel 2.6.31.

I think this is an important feature for HP laptop users.

Thanks for the attention!

I see this is your first post here in these Forums, thus : WELCOME.

But I have the idea that you did not quite understand what these Forums are. They are a place where openSUSE users try to help other openSUSE users. All are here volunteers and without any pay.

Thus you could start a discussion here about the usefulness of the feature you want, but just uttering a wish will not help you.

When you want a change to have it ever implemented, you better go to https://features.opensuse.org/. That is the place where you talk to the developers.

Thanks for the reply! I wasn’t aware of https://features.opensuse.org and therefore, I apologize for the post. Actually, I hoped that someone had already missed the same feature and perhaps, has find a way to “self-implement” it by a script or something.

Anyway, thanks for the guidance :slight_smile:

You are welcome. And it still possible that someone will show up with a remark. After all some of our members will be asleep now :wink: