HP 255 G1 and SUSE (KDE)

Hello, I have just purchased an HP 255 G1 which came with Ubuntu. ](http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/14582_div/14582_div.pdf)

While I am happy with it, would prefer to have openSUSE with KDE which I have tried and liked a lot. First problem is that I am new to Linux. The second is that i tried to install SUSE, but I lost all hotkey functions. (and so i went back to Ubuntu) Being a total newbie to Linux I am not sure at all

1)which drivers/devices came recognized properly
2)if there is a way of getting the hotkeys somehow to work properly.
HP has no drivers for linux on their support page to download even though it comes with Ubuntu. Is it possible to “extract” somehow all the drivers I need from their recovery DVD and use it for SUSE?