HP 2133 mic problem

Has anyone managed to get the mic to record on an HP 2133 running opensuse 11.1?

Although I still use KDE 3.5.10 I am sure users with Gnome or Kde 4.x could still help.



As a volunteer, I like to try and help users with their basic sound problems. I’m off on vacation on Tuesday (for 3 weeks) and hence may not be able to help much. The likelihood of someone else having an HP 2133 and monitoring this forum, and having solved the mic problem is IMHO slim. But you could make it easier for others (who know a bit about mics) to try and help you if you provide more detail on your HPs hardware and software audio configuration.

You can do that by opening an konsole with your PC connected to the internet, and type the first time with root permissions:
that will ask if you wish to update the script. Select YES. That will update the script (root permissions is need to update the script).

Then as a regular user, run the script again:
that will provide a bunch of information on your PC’s audio config. Please post here the URL it provides when it is complete. JUST the URL! Only the URL.

Then also copy and paste the following into a konsole and post here the output (so that users know what rpms wrt audio you have installed):
rpm -qa | grep alsa
rpm -qa | grep pulse
uname -a
cat /etc/modprobe.d/sound

Hopefully that might help users monitoring this to figure out and recommend what might work for you.

Are you trying to get the EXTERNAL mic (via an input jack) working ? or the Internal Mic working (getting internal mic’s to work is notoriously difficult under Linux) ? or is it a USB mic ?

Edit: I see this is your first post. WELCOME to openSUSE forums!