HP 17-ca0710nd - battery drain after shutdown


did a clean Leap 15.0 install on this HP 17-ca0710nd, with the help of Sauerland on this forum got the Wifi working by installing the drivers for the Realtek 8723DE.
Other then that it is a clean Leap 15.0 install.

After a shutdown (not hybernate or suspend) from Leap the battery will lose around 3% an hour, so the next morning it will be 30% drained.
It is like something keeps polling/running, but no idea what.

I checked the really limited bios that HP has available and there is no WoL option there, just the Network Boot which is disabled.
Checked if eth0 might have WoL enabled but that is not the case:

ethtool eth0
Supports Wake-on: pumbg
Wake-on: d

Not sure what other info I can post that is useful but will gladly do.
I did not do this during the time it had Win10 installed and was shutdown from that, but that was only a week max.

been playing around with this a bit more.

removed all usb devices (had a remote mouse receiver): no difference, still 3% per hour drain
did a hard shutdown by holding power button for 3-5sec: no drain !!

so seems like it might be something that is set/done during shutdown ?
Is there a way to see what is all executed when shutdown is initiated ?