howto web cam? Logitech

Sometimes its better to be lucky than to be good :wink:

I went to the Ubuntu forum discussing the VX-3000 problem and with a lot of failed attempts, manual installs of gspca and v4l, it boiled down to having the right kernel. This box is running #1 SMP 2009-10-26 15:49:03

The kernel that worked in Ubuntu/Kubuntu was

As it happens, I have a test box with 11.2 (listed as 11.3!) and kde 4.3.3 that is way underpowered. But having seen the ubuntu post, I looked at its kernel. It was, but I figured “close enough.”

I connected the VX-3000 and it was plug 'n play! Works in both aMSN and kopete with no fiddling of any kind. The image isn’t that great, but on the other hand, I’m not that good looking. :wink: Also, the onboard Intel might not be up to the job. So, it seems no amount of fiddling would have gotten this to work if the kernel itself was the issue. I’m not going to update the kernel on this box. I’ll wait for a new one and suffer with the slow test box until then.

Thanks for the tips!:slight_smile:

Oh! I’m doing an update now, so checking won’t mean anything, but prior, I used oldcpu’s tip and listed out all the gstreamer packages. They all were the same 0_10-0 versions that are on this box.

Hmmm… good investigation!

That suggests the webcam kernel modules that ship with the 2.6.31 kernel do not work with your webcam.

Other than an experimental kernel update, then the only remaining thing I can see you try, is a custom build of gspca for the 2.6.31 kernel, in the hope that it will replace the 2.6.31 gspca kernel modules (where you now know those do NOT work).

In the off chance that someone may have already built a “cutting edge” gspca for 11.2, I did a search on web pin for “gspcav” and came up with no hits. I also looked here for updated drivers:

but found none for “gspcav” for 11.2.

So IMHO the only approach at this stage would be to download the latest “gspcav” tarball and try a custom build.

… Its likely far easier to return the webcam.

Looks like the new kernel will be hitting soon. See microchip8’s post.

Today’s zypper up brought in all updated gstreamer files. However, they did not get my cam working with this kernel.