Howto upgrade KDE 4.2.4 to 4.3.x on OS 11.0?

I’ve got a desktop that’s running OpenSUSE 11.0, with
KDE 4.2.4 as the DE. It hadn’t been booted or updated
for a few months, so I did that, and now have that
part completed successfully, using ‘zypper up’.

When I try ‘zypper dup’, I get 2 different KDE conflicts
which offer options that don’t seem right…e.g. the second one wants
to REMOVE important stuff like KDM, etc, which of course, I refuse.

[To do this, the wiki’s recommended KDE repository settings,
indicate that I should switch from
…STABLE:…, over to …Factory:…, which is what I’ve
got setup when I see these conflicts.]

So, the question is, is there some OTHER approach to get from
KDE from v4.2.4 to v4.3.1?



Oops…meant to say that I switched repos from
…/42/… to …/Factory:/…

[Earlier, I had switched from …/STABLE:/… to
…/42/…, to move KDE from v4.1.3 to v4.2.4
and that phase went fine.]