[HOWTO] Tumbleweed,desktop,using Nvidia Prime

you can use The Nvidia Prime Technology with your desktop.
the monitor is connected to the intel iGPU

Install the following packages


by default the intel igpu rendering is used and the nvidia card is powered off.

Use the plasma applet to switch to the NVIDIA rendering.

You get a message saying you need to reboot


with the command nvidia-smi you can check that all the OS now uses the nvidia rendering and if you launch vlc for exemple you see also that vlc uses the nvidia rendering.

Is it usefull (because you can connect your monitor to the Nvidia card) ? Perhaps in case for some reason you can’t connect or don’t want to connect your monitor to the nvidia card or just for fun.

I forgot to mention that EGL is broken. Then app that needs EGL will display a black window as QEMU VM using video accell with option “gl=on" and “-device virtio-vga-gl”