HowTo Set Up xorg.conf for Laptop?


I’m having a problem figuring out how to get the xorg.conf set up so that my new laptop will work the way I want it to. SuSe’s config tool (from yast2) doesn’t seem to address my situation.

What I want is this: I have a docking adapter with a large 1600x1200 external display attached. When I start the machine in the display, it should use the external display only (and kbd/mouse), and turn off the laptop screen. (The lid’s closed anyway.) When it’s not in the display, the 1680x1050 laptop display should be used.

The yast2 setup either gives me the laptop screen alone, or a dual-head display with both screens active (but one or the other improperly sized).

I’m a little puzzled, because the behavior I want was the default out-of-the-box behavior on my last machine. It was a company machine running an older version of Red Hat, though.

The machine’s an IBM/Lenovo T61p with Intel 965 graphics.

Thanks for any suggestions, or pointers to somewhere to look for more info.